The secrets of beauty

Glamorous people are those who take care of themselves and others, inside and out. Feeding the body and with it the mind is very important in order to gain total unrivaled beauty.

Based on this belief, we share with you the beauty secrets of inspiring people. Each has made one change in their life which has made them absolutely stunning!

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feedind is the secret of life

Previous Next FEEDING IS THE SECREET OF LIFE Maria lopez Most of my life, I avoided being busy. It seemed to me as something that consume a lot of energy
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Own Yourself with the Right Boundaries

Previous Next OWN YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT BOUNDARIES Anointed Tisha, 43, Sau Paulo. My parents were successful traders and they both worked on the same business, which we, the children
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My Comparison Trap

Previous Next MY COMPARISON TRAP Jennifer Aiello, 26, Los Angeles God knows how much I hurt myself, how I don't appreciate myself…is it’s just awful. I have this trait from a
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The Secret Of Positive Thinking

Previous Next THE SECRET OF POSITIVE THINKING Samantha Green, 42, Florida One day I was shopping, and the seller who was in the store was busy with his iPhone. I
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Embracing myself

Previous Next EMBRACING MYSELF Leslie Roberts, 29, Palm Beach When I was growing up, I had everything I needed at my fingertips. My parents made sure that I had all
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Self-Cleansing/ Letting go of the pain of the past.

Previous Next SELF-CLEANSING Julia Kimi, 23. Trino. I am one of the persons who was broken by relationships. I once had friends that would go out with me; we would
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Inner Peace

Previous Next INNER PEACE Lucy Amaral, 23,  Hawaii Growing up, I was always a jolly little girl who was up for any adventures. I participated in many activities, especially those
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Take care of yourself

Previous Next TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF Melinda Cohen, 45, new Jersey I was a devoted mother, and I was always around my children and my commitments, even if it was
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Which will make you thinner?

Previous Next WHAT MADE ME SLIM? Celine Broe, 27 Chicago I am not a fat person, and I never want to be. I am pretty average, and I wished I
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The Question That Changed My Life

Previous Next THE QUESTION THAT CHANGED MY LIFE Melissa Rispoli, 28, Italy I've always had the belief that all the bad things happen to me all the time. I purchased
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Previous Next WHAT MADE MEN FALL IN LOVE WITH ME VIRGINIA BERNAHARD, 28, BOSTON            I had always been in successful relationship with men. Men had been admiring even the
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To set limit

Previous Next THE BOSS CALLED ME A LIAR Kate Manzett, Australia At my young age, I was educated on value that”good name” is above all. I set this as a
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Too busy to rest

Previous Next TOO BUSY TO REST Eva Kling, 41, California. I love to work. In fact, I pride more in working and having lesser sleep. As a workaholic, my day
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Previous Next THE POWER OF A SMILE Daphna Shavit, 48, Tel Aviv Hey!  Let’s smile. I never understand the magic behind smiling until I stop doing so. I thought, just
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stop being angry

Previous Next ANGER DOESN’T SOLVE PROBLEMS. IT CREATES MORE Margaret Schmidt, 37, Long Island For as far back as five years ago, when my life went downhill, I always desired
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No one is better than me

Previous Next NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME Andrea Pascual, 35, Santa Fe As a child, I never really used to mind what others did. I lived in place where
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To Love and to Accept Yourself

Previous Next TO LOVE AND TO ACCEPT YOURSELF Sienna Vanleberg, San Francisco Love, what's love? Many people have come up with varied definitions of this abstract term. From all this,
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do what you love

Previous Next DO WHAT YOU LOVE Linda Cooper, 27. Philadelphia. I have struggled with depression for a long time. Maybe that was because I grew up in a terrible neighborhood
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To Love What You Have

Previous Next TO LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE Selena Galliger, 39 New York I was the girl who fell in love with a family man. He was a man who loved
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MY uniqueness is MY beauty

Previous Next MY uniqueness is MY beauty Nancy Sachek, 34, San Diego. When I was in high school, I was not one of the prettiest girls in my class. Many
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a beauty in everyone

Previous Next HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE MYSELF Sandra Pearl, 36, from West Virginia. Having suffered abuses in my childhood such that I couldn't talk to anyone about it, I
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