feedind is the secret of life


Maria lopez

Most of my life, I avoided being busy. It seemed to me as something that consume a lot of energy and also makes one tired. I never wanted anything that will give much stress to my life. I would try to work as little as possible, and rest as much as possible. For me, that was the only way I can reserve much of my energy and enjoy my life.

This was my choice of living until a friend of mine travelled to abroad, tried her luck in life, and got a new partner from Italy. She asked me to come and take care of her apartment so she should check the relationship. I didn’t object it. I agreed. 

The apartment was packed with a lot of books, art, souvenirs, and a lot of potted plants. In it were a dog, dog hair and a lot of other things that deserve being taken care of. Honestly, I didn’t know how I would take over the whole apartment. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t train myself for much work. It wasn’t just part of me to work too much although I made up my mind to take the new task.

As I began taking care of the apartment, it drew huge energy from me. Of course I knew it will. The apartment is really big.

With time, I surprisingly noticed that whenever I finished my task and went in for shower, a new energy, new joy, and peace of mind will come into my life. The energy made me stronger and happier. It makes me feel responsible, nourished, and accomplished.

Whenever I turned to the creatures around me, the creatures i watered and fed, I noticed them feeling healthy.  I noticed them contributing to the joy of nature filled in the apartment. This alone, strengthened me. I was always happy seeing how the potted plants bloom and how extent they are filled with life following my treatment to them.

Nothing makes me so excited than seeing the dog happy whenever he sees me. I was happy to see him enjoying and responding positively to my work on him. He was always by my side playing. I was so happy feeding him, I connected with him. I even began taking him outside to breathe fresh air, to do his need, and to enjoy our surroundings. Really I don’t feel lonely being with him.

At last, unknowingly to me, I began to work hard; I began to regain much energy than ever. The supposed energy taken from me created more and more positive energy that enveloped me. I filled fulfilled, satisfied, comfortable and, above all, I become more strong and healthy than I was when I was working less, when I wasn’t taken much care of my surroundings, when I wasn’t feeding anything than myself.

I learnt that when I feed others, I am actually feeding myself. 

Own Yourself with the Right Boundaries


Anointed Tisha, 43, Sau Paulo.

My parents were successful traders and they both worked on the same business, which we, the children also learned to develop ourselves in as we grow. Although we were comfortable, my parents taught us to appreciate help whenever we get one, to help others, but most importantly, not to depend on anyone before we make progress.

I learned to set my goals for myself, in spite of others. I am responsible for my life and didn’t depend on what others do or did not do nor what they have or did not have. Learning this since childhood barely made me think it was a huge thing. I saw it as the normal way of life and didn’t pay huge attention to it.

Some months ago, we had a number of international students come to stay at our place. My husband and I. We signed up for this program that would accommodate some international students for cross-cultural observation. This particular set stayed with us and

I noticed one of them who was always in tension. I talked to her and realized that her relationships with the other students were not doing well for her. They pretty much took advantage of her for their needs and I don't invite her for their entertainment, it wasn't pleasant to her 

She was a good girl who tried as hard as she could to please the others and did everything to please them but didn't worry about getting what she deserved back.. I helped her to learn how to set boundaries for herself and how it can develop her sense of internal peace and strength. She felt better before leaving us. She learnt and built the consciousness of “I deserve this like anyone else and I am going to get it”. I could literally see her self-worth grow and she is realizing her strength.

I also learned to appreciate the ability to set boundaries for myself. There is always something to be grateful. The last time I spoke with this beautiful lady, she was doing well. She is taking a certification course in one of the most important goals she set for herself. I am glad to know she is doing well.

My Comparison Trap


Jennifer Aiello, 26, Los Angeles

God knows how much I hurt myself, how I don't appreciate myself…is it’s just awful. I have this trait from a small age; to look at what others have and to feel that I am always not good enough, I always live in the feeling that I did not get the qualities, beauty or luck that others have.
I wish I didn't live during the Smartphone period! The fact is that I see what others do all day,  how many likes and comments they got, who they spend their time with,  what they eat, what they buy, and so on.

These comparisons exist not only with my friends, but also with my sister, my co-workers. I was always interested in what grade they got, who they go with, what vehicle they drive, where they went on vacation, and so on. To me, that is what matter!  

How many times a day do I fall into this trap?  The "comparison trap", it caused me a lot of moments of anxiety, jealousy and unhappiness. How many times a day does the thought “he or she is better than me" caused me great suffering? Honestly, I made myself a slave to this thought…always in worry. My inner joy died. My beauty faded, the energy meant for it has been used for worry. I was trapped by comparison, and it wasn’t easy being so.

When I think about it logically, I realized that this mindset leads to great destruction. I was convinced that I have done more harm than good to myself. On a critical thought, I discovered that each of us has where he or she is better than others. We also have were we are less good too.

 Now, I think of myself as an independent entity. One that is capable of producing power and love of my own because I am smart enough, beautiful and successful. There is really no reason why I will not succeed. Deciding to stop abusing myself, I focus on thinking about the things that make me stand out and strengthen me.

I am beautiful, I am healthy, I am special, I am smart, and I am accomplished.  These are what I always tell myself… On the other hand, I also try to see the good in others as well. I do not make comparisons any more nor worry myself… The wisdom is to know what is unique about you. To know that you are different from others and that others are different from you.

I am now trying to feed myself with love and respect… Wish me luck ..

The Secret Of Positive Thinking


Samantha Green, 42, Florida

One day I was shopping, and the seller who was in the store was busy with his iPhone. I saw him. This makes me upset, and so I reacted and exclaimed: "You know it is just unbelievable."

This made the guy alert, and he gave me a questioning look. That was the moment where I had to decide whether to take the situation to either go in a positive direction or a negative one. It took me a moment to decide.

I said, "It's just unbelievable; you have the amazing ability to provide the great services to people and also to continue browsing your phone.” What happened next was unbelievable, the guy smiled and gave me an excellent service too and most of all he wished me a wonderful day.

If we look around us, we are continuously interpreting the events that are happening around us. And through this interpretation, we give value to the product and thus correspond to our emotions as well. The interpretation is the thing that allows us to either feel positive or negative. If the interpretation is contrary, we will also see its effects.

Therefore, it is much easier for the UNOs to forget the changeability of interpretation as it is changeable.

So, I have adopted this habit to remain calm and try to look at things differently and in positive ways, even if the situation is extremely annoying. I always try to stay positive and try to put myself in other,s shoes.

Life has taught me the importance of having positive energy and allows me to see the positivities in every coming beautiful day, instead of having any negative energy-draining thought.

Life has also taught me that negative thoughts can bring multiple harms to my personality and mind, whereas the positive, healthy vibes can make me even more beautiful and energetic.

Embracing myself


Leslie Roberts, 29, Palm Beach

When I was growing up, I had everything I needed at my fingertips. My parents made sure that I had all I wanted, as the only child. We had house helps that worked for us and took care of things at home; so, there was nothing much for me to worry about. I had good grades in school and was quite exceptional, but it didn't feel special to me. Despite all these, I never felt good about myself.

When my classmates in the second third, fourth, and even the fifth position get their results, they were always glad and happy. I didn't understand why.

As a perpetual front position holder, I saw no reason to be happy about my results because my parents never praised me for them. They were indifferent to it. They were only busy with their own.  

My father was a politician who was always busy and having meetings. My mother was also very busy as a popular High society woman. There was no appreciation and appraisal from their part to make me feel good.

This continued until I visited my Neighbors house. They had a child with Down syndrome. I saw how they treaded him. They would take care of him and encourage his little strides. While discussing with the boy, I see that he was delighted and contended. He had good feelings about himself and was not sorry that he wasn't like most people. He was very proud of his handwriting, even though it wasn't the most legible handwriting ever. My encounter at their place was unique and divine that I had to take a rethink about myself. I realized that bad feelings instigate negative energy. It affected my ability to succeed. I have learned to redefine myself to create good feelings for myself and about myself. I am loving myself first without waiting for anyone to do so.

Self-Cleansing/ Letting go of the pain of the past.


Julia Kimi, 23. Trino.

I am one of the persons who was broken by relationships. I once had friends that would go out with me; we would play together, gist, and even read together as a team. It was all fine until I found myself in this relationship where my guy wanted me to all his alone and no one else.

My man was really possessive, but he was caring. To keep the relationship, I had to break off with most of my friends. That didn’t turn out well as my social life was mostly starved and I had to only find happiness in my man, which was not so bad.


things got nasty and the guy and I had to break off just some weeks before our wedding. I felt hurt and humiliated. I was very angry and swore to myself that I was not going to forgive him.  

I maintained that for a very long time. I was not going to love again, too. I locked myself from new relationships. I couldn’t call my friends back because I felt I betrayed them. I was hurt and angered.

Later, I had a neighbor who was very kind to me. He noticed the way I kept to myself. Despite that, he kept doing his acts of kindness, such as dropping the newspaper at my door. Sometimes, he would offer unsolicited help to move in heavy things. One windy day, while returning home it started to rain, my neighbor Noticed me and stopped his car for me to come in. I reluctantly entered and that not long,. This guy and I got talking and he made me realize the need to let the pain go. He shared his own story with me, which touched me emotionally. I have lost a lot while housing hurt. I didn’t see happiness in anything and often, I wallow in self-pity while telling myself that “I am being strong and independent”. The conversation lasted about 2 hours, where we were stuck in the car from a heavy storm. The encounter changed my life and I let the pain go with a cry. I forgave myself and learned to appreciate helps rather than being harsh. I sought healing in myself. I treated myself fairer, I changed my playlist to a positive set to help me stir positive energy. In fact, my neighbor suggested sports. Today, I am married to my (ex) neighbor and I have finally buried the hurt of the past.

Inner Peace


Lucy Amaral, 23,  Hawaii

Growing up, I was always a jolly little girl who was up for any adventures. I participated in many activities, especially those that boys did. To me, the boys had so much to do, unlike the girls, and since I never wanted to be left out, I joined the boys. We had our days planned out perfectly such that when you get home, you already knew what you would be doing the next day. Come to think of it; my childhood was a busy one and super fun. Every other morning my energy was rejuvenated because my perspective of life was fun and games. My parents had brought me up to be very generous and humble. My mother, each morning, would tell me to smile, not for anything but because am was alive. For this reason, I mastered the art of smiling, and I would share it with just about anyone. I would always get positive feedback, and this attracted so many people to me.

My mother kept reminding me of my environment and how to make it just right for habitation.

I would clean the house each morning and open the windows wide to feed our house some fresh air. Every time I did this, I would get inner peace.  

One that would make me such a homely person. I was learning how to be orderly. As I grew older, I developed a deep love for nature and its beauty: the birds, the trees, the hills, and the sky. Somehow, I felt a great connection with what nature offered. I need not have to communicate with nature verbally, but I understood. We shared in spirit; I suppose. I took upon myself to be feeding nature what was best and since I have always lived in purpose with nothing to worry so much about.

I would then share my peace with my friends, and we would go for expeditions away from the city, to connect to share to live in nature's greatest gifts.

Take care of yourself


Melinda Cohen, 45, new Jersey

I was a devoted mother, and I was always around my children and my commitments, even if it was at the expense of my concern for myself.
At 40, I realized I was looking older than most of my colleagues.

This occurred to me when I drove my son to a friend's place and the boy made an open comment, “mummy, why are you older than your friend?” Although he said this with innocence, not knowing my friend’s age. I was deeply touched.  

Then I decided to change my approach to life. I dedicated more time to sleeping and eating good food. I had more baths and would occasionally visit the spa for a massage. I invested in good paint for the room, comfy bed and pillow, and an inspiring light array for the bedroom.

Caring for myself, was probably necessary .. I didn't notice it, and my son brought it to my attention. I thank him for that, I look better and feel even better.

Which will make you thinner?


Celine Broe, 27 Chicago

I am not a fat person, and I never want to be. I am pretty average, and I wished I could remain so and nourished. Topics on food had always been interesting me. From the direction of maintaining weight, I would always look for the calorific value of anything before taking it, and not its nutritional value. All I care was to know the number of calories contained in all I take. I hardly check their nourishing values. I never even thought about food as something nourishing. In fact, I know nothing about balanced diet.  It was so funny but that was the truth anyway… I just wanted to maintain weight. That is all.

Recently, with the help of the multitudes uploaded films on proper nutrition, I began to realize that everything I had eaten to this day, actually, has no balanced diet.  They are synthetic industrial food that is full of flavor but energy free. No wonder I suffered from unhealthy skin full of hatching (although I have been adolescent). No wonder I would always be weak and tired. No wonder I couldn’t see my body nourishing.

I realize that our body, in order to exist and function well, needs six classes of food Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, mineral and water. It is these constituents, if taken in right proportion that make a balance diet. They are the one that build energy upon which our body works. Just as electric lamp needs electricity to turn on, so our body need these components of food, mixed in equal proportion, to be nourished and to function well.

Strictly following the films, I was convinced that these components are the basic things our body actually need. They are the fuel that makes the proper functioning of systems possible. They are what our brain needs to think and understand better. They are what we should be taken in right proportion to be more effective and successful at work; to be more energetic and even enjoy everything around us.

  We are definitely stronger and healthier than when we take synthetic industrial foods.

For our skin to be always fresh and glow, we definitely need these components of food in right proportion. They are found abundantly in plants and in animals. They are free gift of nature. That is the good news! They are always around us and they are easy to get and digest. They digest quickly and provide us with natural energy that fills life with beauty.

As soon as I realized that, I did not only change my diet but also change my reference to food. I realized that it is my responsibility to feed my body with something that will make it healthy and nourished.

Just as I care about light and water for plants I grow at home, so I began to care about my body.

Surprisingly, I even dropped a few kilos; probably they are those kilograms my body kept because it didn’t trust me to listen and feed it proper. Maybe it was constantly afraid for being deficient. 

Today, the body seems to have trust me; it only leaves what it needs. Today I have mastered the nutritional value of anything I eat. I am now in peace with my dear self.  I am now calm taking good care of my body. I feed it with what it requires, and it feed me back with what I need.

The Question That Changed My Life


Melissa Rispoli, 28, Italy

I've always had the belief that all the bad things happen to me all the time. I purchased a new car and on that day, I had an accident. The car got spoilt.

I finally started a good relationship with a guy, and in the end he went to study abroad. I worked in a newspaper system that closed down later.

I felt unlucky, I felt so bad; I didn't understand why I deserved it all. I felt everyone's life was getting along and mine was stuck. I was discouraged.

My inner peace disappeared; the energy in me was lost. My beauty began to fade since the inner joy was no longer working.

Every time, I will be expecting disappointment and loss because, in my head, I was stuck with the belief that nothing could work for me. Really, the pain was much for me.

As part of my work as a reporter for the local newspaper, I got to interview the most colorful figure in the town, a man who has accumulated large assets, a man who was very influential and philanthropic. When I asked him, ‘‘what makes you such a great?’’. ‘’It is my dream’’, he answered courageously.

According to him, he did not come from a wealthy home and did not have any heroic figure to rely on but he dreamed of being rich and successful in a big way. Every morning when he woke up and every night before he sleep, he would see his dreams come true. He believed in himself, he believed in the universe and he also believed it was possible.

Even when it was hard and things didn't work out in his favor, he kept dreaming and kept believing.

When I was done with interview he asked me, "What do you believe?"

Funny enough, I had no answer … I never think in that direction. I have no idea of what I believe in. That is the truth.

The question was a turning point in my life, it made me realize that I never believe in myself and my luck, I always believed in bad luck, lack of success and misfortune.

I changed my mind set, I decided to believe in myself, I began to wish myself good luck and I began to foreseen everything working in my favor.I decided to believe that I have all it takes to succeed and that all things happen to me for better; only good fortune surrounds my life.

Although, I have not become wealthy since then nor have I become a politician, but I have lived in peace with myself, I have seen how good things happen to me, I let go of the belief that I am unlucky, and accept belief that I am fortunate and blessed fellow, and that is what I am ….