Privacy Policy

Daphne tries to take reasonable steps to protect the information transmitted by the user. However, it is hereby clarified that Daphne cannot perfectly protect its computer systems, information and communications from penetration by people or the operation of malware, and it is not possible to hermetically guard against unauthorized penetration with the aim of copying information and/or prohibited use of the website. Daphne will bear no direct or indirect responsibility in the event of the theft or copying of details of identity and/or a payment or use of the information provided by the user of the website.

Daphne will never contact a customer and ask him/her to provide passwords needed to make any payment. If a customer is asked to provide such information, he/she must treat the request with great caution and in any event not to provide such passwords, not to Daphne and not to any person, even if the request is apparently being made by the bank or credit card company.

The website may contain advertisements by Daphne or any third parties or on their behalf. Daphne is not responsible for the correctness and/or the content of the notices, advertisements, opinions or any type of texts posted on the website by surfers and/or by third parties.

Daphne will not provide details of the registered person or the customer to any third parties unless one of the following conditions listed below exists:

(a)        If it is asked to do so under a judicial order or by law;

(b)        If a warning is received of the taking of legal measures against Daphne for actions carried out by the customer, and in any dispute, contention, claim, demand or legal processes, if any exist, between the customer and Daphne and/or its managers;

(c)        If Daphne organizes and/or transfers its activity in the framework of any other body and/or corporation – as well as in the event it merges with another body and/or corporation or merges its activity with the activity of another body and/or corporation – Daphne will be entitled to transfer the details of the customer to said other body, on condition that the other body accepts the provisions of this privacy policy;

(d)        If a contention is raised or a suspicion arises at Daphne that the customer has taken an action and/or omission which harms and/or is liable to harm Daphne and/or anyone on its behalf and/or any third parties whatsoever;

(e)        If a contention is raised or a suspicion arises at Daphne that the customer has made use for the purpose of carrying out an illegal act and/or to allow, ease, assist and/or encourage the carrying out of such an act;

(f)        If a contention is raised or a suspicion arises at Daphne that the customer has committed a breach of any of the Terms and Conditions and/or any agreement with Daphne and/or with anyone on its behalf;

(g)        If this is required for the purpose of the activity of Daphne, such as the transfer of details to employees, subcontractors and other partners or anyone involved in the operation of the marketing activity of Daphne. The customer will not have any contention or demand against Daphne in connection with the delivery of their details as stated, and he/she hereby waives any such contention and/or claim.

Filling out a registration form and/or filling out customer details and other details on the website constitutes the consent of the customer that his details and any information issued on the basis of an analysis of these details and any information about him/her which has and/or may come to the attention of Daphne will be kept in one or more databases of Daphne or anyone acting on its behalf for it and that use will be made of this information in accordance with the following purposes:

(a)        For the purpose of marketing, advertising, sales promotion and sales and for the purpose of addressing the registered person in any way, including by way of direct mailing by any means of communication it sees fit (including in writing, in print, by telephone, text messaging, fax, computerized or other means);

(b)        For the purpose of encouraging loyalty, statistical analysis and research, carrying out surveys and any other online use in connection with the subject of marketing;

(c)        For internal purposes, such as for the needs of investigating complaints and/or criticism;

(d)        For the purpose of mailing marketing and advertising material, including the use of cookies. Such use of the details of the registered person will not be deemed harm to privacy.

It is further agreed that this information will be considered the property of the company, and the customer hereby waives any contention regarding the use and/or ownership of this information, including a waiver of any contention under the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. Daphne will not be deemed as having breached the undertaking for privacy or as having harmed the privacy of the user due to any information, as defined in the Computer Law, 5755-1995, which allows another to identify or trace a user and which results from the use of electronic means of communication in general, and computer communication in particular.

The customer confirms that he/she is aware that there is no legal obligation to provide his/her details or any other detail, and that he/she is providing the above-mentioned information of his/her own free will and with his/her consent. The customer hereby agrees explicitly to the above-mentioned use of the details he/she has filled out and confirms that the use of them will not be considered as harm to privacy and will not entitle him/her to any assistance and/or compensation whatsoever.

Customers who do not wish to receive messages by direct mailing will notify us of this in writing at the company website or by using the removal process found in every mailing, and in such a case, Daphne will act according to the instructions delivered to it. For the avoidance of doubt, Daphne will still be authorized to make use of the details of the registered person for the purposes listed in Section 3 above, subject to the preservation of the privacy of those registered and according to applicable law.