Shipping and refund policy

Shipments of products purchased from "Daphne" will be delivered by shipping company as posted from time to time on our website. It will not be possible to receive a product by a different method.

Shipping will only be done to areas serviced by the shipping companies in their normal course of business.

In an area where the shipping company does not provide services, "Daphne" will be permitted to require the customer to provide an alternative address where such service is in fact provided.


"Daphne" has no control over the distribution areas of the shipping company, and the customer will not have any claim or complaint against "Daphne" in this regard or if "Daphne" cannot ship to a particular country, area or town.

In any event, "Daphne" will not be liable for any delays in delivering a shipment where this has been caused by the user providing incorrect details or by reasons relating to the shipping company. Specifically, "Daphne" will not be liable for a shipping delay in the event of complete or partial stoppage at the shipping company service or any other entity involved in shipping and/or producing and/or packing the product.

The customer will be permitted to cancel the transaction according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and/or Consumer Protection Regulations (hereinafter "The Consumer Protection Law") as specified below:

a. Before sending the product: the transaction can be cancelled on our website.

b. After sending the product: a product can be returned to "Daphne" up to 14 days after its purchase so long as it has not been used and it is being returned in its original package. Opening the package will be deemed as having used the product, unless Daphne's written consent to the refund in spite of having opened it has been provided in advance.

If the customer did not "complete" his purchase, whether by failure to provide complete details or by providing incorrect ones, then 3 days after making the "incomplete" order, "Daphne" will be permitted to cancel the order, delete any record of it, and sell the product to anyone else at its own discretion.

A customer receiving the product purchased from "Daphne" will be required to inspect it immediately upon receipt in order to ensure its conformity to the order and/or the order documents.


If a customer receiving a product from "Daphne" discovers a product "nonconformity" causing him to feel he should either cancel the transaction or replace the product, and/or if the customer has a question concerning the product and/or the delivered order, he should contact "Daphne" immediately and no later than 4 business days after receiving the product. Should "Daphne" discover that the product delivered to the customer is materially defective or materially non-conforms with the order, "Daphne" will make an effort to correct the defect where possible and/or provide the customer with an alternative product and/or return the full payment to the customer through the same method that was used for the payment, all at Daphne's absolute discretion, and a condition for "correcting the defect" can be to return the defective product to "Daphne".