Linda Cooper, 27. Philadelphia.

I have struggled with depression for a long time. Maybe that was because I grew up in a terrible neighborhood where violence was the order of the day. I lost my mom while I was 6; so, my dad brought me up.

One day, while listening to music in my usual melancholic songs, I heard voices of people who were making music. They sang so beautifully. I felt it wouldn't hurt to see what was happening there. I traced their voice and found them in the basement of an uncompleted building. They sang with so much glee and happiness in their faces and voices. I sat close to them while I watched and listened to them sing.

Since music was the love of my life, I have offered to help them, to be a part of them. I was encouraged to try to sing a song. I tried and they loved my song. They developed it and made it harmonious as many of them sang along with me and played the beat with their mouths. They did it with so much joy that kept me wondering.

I joined them and we would create music. I was given me an extra role in producing and promoting the shows.

The role required that I put on my best behavior to talk to the people and showed that I really cared. Sometimes I tried to make dry jokes but it got everyone smiling. For the first time in a long while, I found myself happy.  

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  1. I agree with this piece, doing what you love makes you feel very happy and fulfilled with your self. I remember when my brother was struggling to convince my dad to allow him to go into photography. It was so terrible for him. Just because my dad wants him to go to law school instead and start practicing, he couldn't eat or drink. Living became a punishment for him. To him it was either photography or death, gradually depression started setting in, it took the intervention of a therapist to convince my dad to allow him to do what he wants. Now he is a photographer and he is happy. He shoots in big events in the country and his career is a successful one. Once you do what you love, you become happy and emit positive vibes.

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