Leslie Roberts, 29, Palm Beach

When I was growing up, I had everything I needed at my fingertips. My parents made sure that I had all I wanted, as the only child. We had house helps that worked for us and took care of things at home; so, there was nothing much for me to worry about. I had good grades in school and was quite exceptional, but it didn't feel special to me. Despite all these, I never felt good about myself.

When my classmates in the second third, fourth, and even the fifth position get their results, they were always glad and happy. I didn't understand why.

As a perpetual front position holder, I saw no reason to be happy about my results because my parents never praised me for them. They were indifferent to it. They were only busy with their own.  

My father was a politician who was always busy and having meetings. My mother was also very busy as a popular High society woman. There was no appreciation and appraisal from their part to make me feel good.

This continued until I visited my Neighbors house. They had a child with Down syndrome. I saw how they treaded him. They would take care of him and encourage his little strides. While discussing with the boy, I see that he was delighted and contended. He had good feelings about himself and was not sorry that he wasn't like most people. He was very proud of his handwriting, even though it wasn't the most legible handwriting ever. My encounter at their place was unique and divine that I had to take a rethink about myself. I realized that bad feelings instigate negative energy. It affected my ability to succeed. I have learned to redefine myself to create good feelings for myself and about myself. I am loving myself first without waiting for anyone to do so.

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  1. Is it okay to say that I just shed tears now after reading this story? It is so touching, thank God she realized she could stay happy no matter what happens.

  2. Now my life just took another dimension, I might not have a similar situation but I have realized the importance of loving myself and appreciating who I am. I just realized I have been making some mistakes and I need to make some adjustments. Thank you for giving me this piece of the story to change my world.

  3. I have a friend who has a similar story, she had everything money could buy, she had servants who were ready to serve her. She always came top in school, she was like the apple in the teacher's eye but just like this story, she lacked the attention of her parents. They were never there for her. Most times she cried herself to sleep, other times she blamed her self for coming into this world. Not until she visited the orphanage and saw how happy the kids were even without a single clue of who their parents were. Only then she embraced what the universe gave her and chose to remain happy. She no longer saw the absence of her parents as a curse on her. Instead, she got used to it and tried to become the best of her.

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