Use of the Daphne Skin Feeding website (hereinafter: “Daphne”) is subject to the Terms and Conditions shown below; by surfing the site, the surfer on the site and/or the user of the site’s services is demonstrating his or her consent to all the Terms and Conditions below. Every user/surfer on the site agrees to the terms of use detailed below and accepts and agrees that he/she does not and will not have any contention against Daphne or anyone on its behalf, other than contentions connected with a breach of the explicit undertakings below, regarding which Daphne is obligated to him/her.

Daphne may at any time, at its sole discretion, change the contents of the site, the information shown on it, its design as well as the products sold thereon, their prices and dates of supply.

The fact that a particular product has been offered or is being offered for sale on the site does not obligate Daphne to continue to offer that same product in the future: at the same price, or with the same design, or at the same weight, or the same quality, or in general.

Subject to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions herein, every purchaser legally holding a credit card and/or debit card (hereinafter: “Card” and/or “Credit Card”) which may be used for payment on this website as detailed on the site, if the Card is valid and registered in the name of the purchaser, may request to purchase goods on the Daphne website, on condition that the purchaser has provided all the details which he/she has been asked to provide during the purchase on the website, in particular his name and address, his identity card number, the mailing address and full details of the manner of payment, on condition that a notice has been received by Daphne that the payment by card has been approved and executed by the credit card company and/or the bank.

Use of a Credit Card is subject to the agreement between the purchaser and the company distributing/issuing the Credit Card and subject to the agreement between Daphne and the company distributing/issuing the Card.

Daphne is authorized not to permit a group of users and/or a specific user to purchase a product or products on the site with delayed payment for any reason whatsoever.

More specifically, Daphne may temporarily or permanently block a user from making a purchase on the website if any one of the following has been done by or to him/her:

  1. He/she has given an incorrect detail or details during a purchase, registration or in general.
  2. In Daphne’s opinion, he/she has committed a harmful act (even by omission) or one which might be harmful from a computing point of view or morally to the website, to Daphne in general, to other surfers, to a certain population or to another person.
  3. He/she has behaved or done, (by means of an action or omission) via the website or while using it, something in an illegal manner under the laws of the State of Israel or has abetted the doing of such an action, even after the fact.
  4. He/she has committed a breach of these Terms and Conditions or has committed a breach of another agreement signed between him/her and Daphne.
  5. He/she has made use or has attempted to make use of a Credit/Debit Card which is not his/her own or which he/she does not possess legally.

Once Daphne has verified that the payment for the purchase of a particular item has been made, the product/s will be supplied to the customer by sending the product to the address provided by the customer to the website, on condition that this is a physical, existing, clear and labeled address with indication of the name of the recipient as provided to Daphne and which can easily be located.

Daphne may at its sole discretion change any of the details of any of the products displayed on the website and/or any other place where its products are displayed. Such a change may include: price, weight, quality, characteristics, design and any other characteristic relevant to the product.

All the prices displayed on the Daphne website are in

United States dollar, and they include VAT and are subject to the applicable provisions of law if the rate of VAT changes and/or if a new tax/fee/levy is applied by law.

At the Daphne website, you may pay for the purchase of products by Credit Card as stated on the website as well as with PayPal. Payment using a card and/or any other method is subject to the purchaser being the owner of the Card and/or means of payment and the Card being valid and duly held with the permission of the issuer and subject to the terms and conditions of the issuing company in addition to any other agreement.

Daphne reserves the right to terminate the use of any particular means of payment, to permit use of another/additional means of payment and to fix different payment arrangements for a specific card or type of card or means of payment permitted by the website for making a payment.

The conditions and dates of payment regarding each product or regarding types of products or in general will be at the sole discretion of Daphne. Generally, if it is not explicitly stated that the payment with regard to a particular product can be made in installments with or without added interest, the payment for the purchase of a product will be made in one cash payment.

If the website offers additional possibilities for making a non-cash payment or the possibility of paying in installments, the number of payments possible and the interest on the charge will be displayed on the website.

The Daphne website reserves the right to offer certain customers and/or a group of customers and/or generally special offers and/or discounts, including discounts and/or benefits conditional on the purchase of a particular item or purchase at a certain time or in a certain quantity.

Daphne reserves the right at any time, and without advance notice, to terminate or change the terms of any special offer, benefit, discount of any type whatsoever, even contrary to the terms shown, including a change of the items on which the discount is to be given, a change in the price of a product, a change in the duration of the benefit, a change in the mailing cost of the item, a change in the quantity of items to be purchased in order to receive a discount, or any other change.

Giving a discount to one customer on the price shown by Daphne does not and will not obligate Daphne to give another customer a similar discount or any discount at all.

If several special offers or several possibilities of receiving discounts with regard to a certain item are shown by Daphne, the customer cannot benefit from multiple offers and/or discounts on that same item. The customer must choose out of the possibilities which single discount relevant to it he/she wishes to receive.

Daphne reserves the right to make changes in these Terms and Conditions at its absolute discretion. The customer is responsible for carefully reading the updated terms of surfing and use of the website as displayed on the website.

It is hereby clarified and agreed that if surfers are given the opportunity to post a written notice on the website, Daphne will not be responsible for the content of what is written and the results of its being written.

Every person who is a part of a “special” group, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, the sick, etc., is required to make use of the product on him/herself only after consultation with a doctor.

You may contact Daphne concerning any question in connection to a product and/or its use, as well as questions regarding use of the website, by applying to the Customer Service Department of Daphne at: or by telephone at: 972.77.6596834.

If the desired item is not a complete product ready for use by the customer, but rather a product whose use requires its being prepared by mixing several ingredients each of which is supplied separately to the customer, the customer undertakes to mix the ingredients exactly according to the instructions supplied with the product. Specifically, the customer must mix the ingredients exactly by quantity and exactly according to the order listed in the instructions accompanying the product.

The customer undertakes to mix the full quantity of the ingredients making up the product according to these instructions and not to add to or subtract from the quantity of one or more of the ingredients of the product.

In the event of any doubt and/or lack of understanding in the matter of the mixing of the ingredients and/or the conditions for holding them and/or holding the final product, the customer undertakes to contact Daphne immediately in order to receive clarifications.

Daphne recommends that any customer who purchases any product to be used on the skin read the list of ingredients of the product carefully before purchase and before use, in order to verify that he/she has no sensitivity to any of the ingredients in the product. In addition, we recommend that the customer test the use of such a product first in a very small quantity, and only after some time has passed and no “undesirable” response to the product has appeared, to make use of it according to the instructions for use of the product.

Anyone suffering from any health problem, including skin problems, allergies or any sensitivity, must consult a doctor before making any use of the product which he/she has purchased or received from Daphne.

All copyrights and intellectual property of any kind whatsoever in connection with anything written, any publication, content, article, design, application, idea, file, software and any other material, tangible or abstract, published on the website belongs only to Daphne. No use may be made of any material found on the website for a commercial purpose and/or for profit. In this matter, the copying, distribution, public display, delivery to a third party or commercial use of any such material without receiving the explicit advance, written consent of Daphne is prohibited.

It is agreed that any dispute between Daphne and a customer or third party will be settled under the laws of the State of Israel, and that the dispute will be settled only in the authorized court in the city of Tel Aviv.

Shipping and refund policy

Shipments of products purchased from "Daphne" will be delivered by shipping company as posted from time to time on our website. It will not be possible to receive a product by a different method.

Shipping will only be done to areas serviced by the shipping companies in their normal course of business.

In an area where the shipping company does not provide services, "Daphne" will be permitted to require the customer to provide an alternative address where such service is in fact provided.


"Daphne" has no control over the distribution areas of the shipping company, and the customer will not have any claim or complaint against "Daphne" in this regard or if "Daphne" cannot ship to a particular country, area or town.

In any event, "Daphne" will not be liable for any delays in delivering a shipment where this has been caused by the user providing incorrect details or by reasons relating to the shipping company. Specifically, "Daphne" will not be liable for a shipping delay in the event of complete or partial stoppage at the shipping company service or any other entity involved in shipping and/or producing and/or packing the product.

The customer will be permitted to cancel the transaction according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and/or Consumer Protection Regulations (hereinafter "The Consumer Protection Law") as specified below:

a. Before sending the product: the transaction can be cancelled on our website.

b. After sending the product: a product can be returned to "Daphne" up to 14 days after its purchase so long as it has not been used and it is being returned in its original package. Opening the package will be deemed as having used the product, unless Daphne's written consent to the refund in spite of having opened it has been provided in advance.

If the customer did not "complete" his purchase, whether by failure to provide complete details or by providing incorrect ones, then 3 days after making the "incomplete" order, "Daphne" will be permitted to cancel the order, delete any record of it, and sell the product to anyone else at its own discretion.

A customer receiving the product purchased from "Daphne" will be required to inspect it immediately upon receipt in order to ensure its conformity to the order and/or the order documents.


If a customer receiving a product from "Daphne" discovers a product "nonconformity" causing him to feel he should either cancel the transaction or replace the product, and/or if the customer has a question concerning the product and/or the delivered order, he should contact "Daphne" immediately and no later than 4 business days after receiving the product. Should "Daphne" discover that the product delivered to the customer is materially defective or materially non-conforms with the order, "Daphne" will make an effort to correct the defect where possible and/or provide the customer with an alternative product and/or return the full payment to the customer through the same method that was used for the payment, all at Daphne's absolute discretion, and a condition for "correcting the defect" can be to return the defective product to "Daphne".