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Help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on facial skin


Are known to cure skin disorders by strengthening


Have remarkable benefits as they revitalize the skin to make


Help produce the skin's natural oil barrier


Their main function is to retain water 

Daphne Skin Products


Daphne  is a great believer in feeding; she believes that feeding is the secret of life, is what makes us healthy and beautiful. So, she created skin feeding products that include the right elements to produce a balanced energy for your skin so that is beautiful, and it glows.


We are committed to creating the highest quality skin care products using natural cosmetics ingredients and combining these with the appropriate energy that the skin needs in order to properly function. As we wish to respect the environment, we carefully select our ingredients from esteemed and reliable growers. The use of natural, traceable ingredients is the essence of Daphne product development.  

Natural cosmetics ingredients and herbal extracts have extremely powerful and effective properties. Natural ingredients feed your skin with the best that nature has to offer. They are safe, healthy and easily absorbed by the skin and promote health and wellness.

All our natural cosmetics products are made with great love and environmental responsibility; they are based on natural, vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty free ingredients.

Whenever possible, we use natural ingredients of the highest quality. In order to create products that deliver the highest levels of safety and performance, when no reliable or effective natural ingredients are available, we use a synthetic derivative.

We donate 10% of our profits to a unique program of therapeutic horseback riding for at-risk children. This program allows them to better cope with difficulties and offers them tools for a fulfilling life, and in this way, we contribute to a better and happier community.

Cruelty-free are products that are good for the environment and for those wishing to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Although our products are not 100% natural, they are not only safe for the environment but also safe for the skin; they will restore your beauty with healthy simplicity. When you select one of our natural cosmetics products, you can take comfort in knowing that you made an affordable and wholesome choice.

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