Lucy Amaral, 23,  Hawaii

Growing up, I was always a jolly little girl who was up for any adventures. I participated in many activities, especially those that boys did. To me, the boys had so much to do, unlike the girls, and since I never wanted to be left out, I joined the boys. We had our days planned out perfectly such that when you get home, you already knew what you would be doing the next day. Come to think of it; my childhood was a busy one and super fun. Every other morning my energy was rejuvenated because my perspective of life was fun and games. My parents had brought me up to be very generous and humble. My mother, each morning, would tell me to smile, not for anything but because am was alive. For this reason, I mastered the art of smiling, and I would share it with just about anyone. I would always get positive feedback, and this attracted so many people to me.

My mother kept reminding me of my environment and how to make it just right for habitation.

I would clean the house each morning and open the windows wide to feed our house some fresh air. Every time I did this, I would get inner peace.  

One that would make me such a homely person. I was learning how to be orderly. As I grew older, I developed a deep love for nature and its beauty: the birds, the trees, the hills, and the sky. Somehow, I felt a great connection with what nature offered. I need not have to communicate with nature verbally, but I understood. We shared in spirit; I suppose. I took upon myself to be feeding nature what was best and since I have always lived in purpose with nothing to worry so much about.

I would then share my peace with my friends, and we would go for expeditions away from the city, to connect to share to live in nature's greatest gifts.

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  1. Now I just learned something from this story, to always smile each morning I wake up.

  2. I understand exactly what the story says. There is nothing as good as inner peace, that joy that comes from within feels like heaven.

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