MY uniqueness is MY beauty

Nancy Sachek, 34, San Diego.

When I was in high school, I was not one of the prettiest girls in my class. Many people would taunt me saying I look like I was born in a manger. To make matters worse, my background was a poor one, the only thing I was good at was in school, I was a good student, but no body counted it and so did I.

So, when I see individuals with good stuff, I think “She looks so fine” and “he is a lot better than I will ever be 

Every time, I felt terrible and bad. It drains my emotion and will to make myself better. I didn’t see anything good with myself.

I was living in the comparison trap until I went to university where my teaching skills were, my turnaround. I learned well, and I was well-liked by the students and lecturers. Everyone wanted to be with me. It gave me great power and self-esteem. Even before graduating, I was accepted into a serious and leading company, initially a relatively junior position but since then I have progressed and become a senior in this company. I developed and empowered myself. I realized my uniqueness is my beauty and not what someone else has, which I don’t.

Ever since, I have been living a grateful life. I am grateful for the things I have that others do not have. Instead of comparing myself, I have learned that our differences are to complement one another several members of a universe. It is not to be harsh on one’s self.

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