Andrea Pascual, 35, Santa Fe

As a child, I never really used to mind what others did. I lived in place where we were practically the same in terms of socioeconomic status. We attended the same school, and everything was always fine then. The only thing that connected us to the outside world was the TV. This was where I could get that feel if what the world we lived in looked like. It was then that I believed There is something better and worth working hard for. So I promised myself to go places, meet new people and engage in new activities. All this though, I believed would come upon growing up and being independent. I would share with my mother all my dreams of travelling, getting into acting, modelling all of this came as an inspiration from our little TV screen. My mother would encourage me and say all I need to do was work really hard in class so that if I excel, I will get exposed to wanted I always dreamt of.

I finally finished high school and joined campus in my country's capital, away from my hometown. I was excited because I believed that this was the dawn of my dreams. I knew it would be easy because I already had that drive little did I know I had a lot to deal with.

In campus I meet new people, extremely beautiful, exposed and apparently richer. They too had the same dreams as I had. This was when I would compare myself to them and feel very lowly of myself.  

I thought they were prettier and that I wasn't, they had the connection that I didn't, they had the money enough to take them places which I couldn't. All this I was expected to compete with. In mind I thought it was a sort of competition and that I was the least likely to get anywhere.

Slowly I started to waste away losing interest in what I had for long dreamt of. I became too complacent with my dreams. Now I had nothing to live for. I was dying inside, so depressed. The only thing I kept doing consistently was attending class because as It was I saw that I be better as an academician than a superstar. There too I still fell into that trap of comparison. With time I realized life is based on such a manner that there has to be balance. You can never be the same as anyone else. So it's not about competing rather complimenting each other.

There is always someone better than you somewhere but should be nothing to worry you. Comparing yourself might do more harm than good. It is high time we appreciate our uniqueness because that is what makes us special. Love our skin colour, body size, weight and work hard to become economically stable. This will give us security and we will feel accomplished. Ever since I worked on myself to improve all that I am good at, I can attest to a lot of growth. My comparison to others had always been my trap and impediment to what I could achieve. Now am working to revive my dream and offer the world my unique abilities

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  1. Thank you very much for this piece, I love the message it carries. This should be daily advice for everyone.

  2. I love the message this article is passing because most people always feel that they are in competition with the world. What they fail to realize is that no one is even watching. They don't care about you, what you have to do is to make a living out of the short time you have got on earth, don't spend it on the comparison.

  3. I have always been the type that compares myself with others. Most times I feel very angry with myself because I feel like I am not where am supposed to be. I always had this mindset that I am in competition with others but I have gotten to realize that no one is my rival. All I have to do is to focus on my self and make the best out of it.

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