Anointed Tisha, 43, Sau Paulo.

My parents were successful traders and they both worked on the same business, which we, the children also learned to develop ourselves in as we grow. Although we were comfortable, my parents taught us to appreciate help whenever we get one, to help others, but most importantly, not to depend on anyone before we make progress.

I learned to set my goals for myself, in spite of others. I am responsible for my life and didn’t depend on what others do or did not do nor what they have or did not have. Learning this since childhood barely made me think it was a huge thing. I saw it as the normal way of life and didn’t pay huge attention to it.

Some months ago, we had a number of international students come to stay at our place. My husband and I. We signed up for this program that would accommodate some international students for cross-cultural observation. This particular set stayed with us and

I noticed one of them who was always in tension. I talked to her and realized that her relationships with the other students were not doing well for her. They pretty much took advantage of her for their needs and I don't invite her for their entertainment, it wasn't pleasant to her 

She was a good girl who tried as hard as she could to please the others and did everything to please them but didn't worry about getting what she deserved back.. I helped her to learn how to set boundaries for herself and how it can develop her sense of internal peace and strength. She felt better before leaving us. She learnt and built the consciousness of “I deserve this like anyone else and I am going to get it”. I could literally see her self-worth grow and she is realizing her strength.

I also learned to appreciate the ability to set boundaries for myself. There is always something to be grateful. The last time I spoke with this beautiful lady, she was doing well. She is taking a certification course in one of the most important goals she set for herself. I am glad to know she is doing well.

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  1. I appreciate every message passed from this story. This is a lesson to be taught to everyone out there who is vulnerable.

  2. Now, this reminds me of my friend from high school, she was treated the same way until she got to learn how to set the boundaries.

  3. I agree with this story, setting the right boundaries is the best, with that you won't be taken for granted. Set it straight, make people realize that your intricacy is not a yardstick for being bullied.

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