Melinda Cohen, 45, new Jersey

I was a devoted mother, and I was always around my children and my commitments, even if it was at the expense of my concern for myself.
At 40, I realized I was looking older than most of my colleagues.

This occurred to me when I drove my son to a friend's place and the boy made an open comment, “mummy, why are you older than your friend?” Although he said this with innocence, not knowing my friend’s age. I was deeply touched.  

Then I decided to change my approach to life. I dedicated more time to sleeping and eating good food. I had more baths and would occasionally visit the spa for a massage. I invested in good paint for the room, comfy bed and pillow, and an inspiring light array for the bedroom.

Caring for myself, was probably necessary .. I didn't notice it, and my son brought it to my attention. I thank him for that, I look better and feel even better.

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