Melissa Rispoli, 28, Italy

I've always had the belief that all the bad things happen to me all the time. I purchased a new car and on that day, I had an accident. The car got spoilt.

I finally started a good relationship with a guy, and in the end he went to study abroad. I worked in a newspaper system that closed down later.

I felt unlucky, I felt so bad; I didn't understand why I deserved it all. I felt everyone's life was getting along and mine was stuck. I was discouraged.

My inner peace disappeared; the energy in me was lost. My beauty began to fade since the inner joy was no longer working.

Every time, I will be expecting disappointment and loss because, in my head, I was stuck with the belief that nothing could work for me. Really, the pain was much for me.

As part of my work as a reporter for the local newspaper, I got to interview the most colorful figure in the town, a man who has accumulated large assets, a man who was very influential and philanthropic. When I asked him, ‘‘what makes you such a great?’’. ‘’It is my dream’’, he answered courageously.

According to him, he did not come from a wealthy home and did not have any heroic figure to rely on but he dreamed of being rich and successful in a big way. Every morning when he woke up and every night before he sleep, he would see his dreams come true. He believed in himself, he believed in the universe and he also believed it was possible.

Even when it was hard and things didn't work out in his favor, he kept dreaming and kept believing.

When I was done with interview he asked me, "What do you believe?"

Funny enough, I had no answer … I never think in that direction. I have no idea of what I believe in. That is the truth.

The question was a turning point in my life, it made me realize that I never believe in myself and my luck, I always believed in bad luck, lack of success and misfortune.

I changed my mind set, I decided to believe in myself, I began to wish myself good luck and I began to foreseen everything working in my favor.I decided to believe that I have all it takes to succeed and that all things happen to me for better; only good fortune surrounds my life.

Although, I have not become wealthy since then nor have I become a politician, but I have lived in peace with myself, I have seen how good things happen to me, I let go of the belief that I am unlucky, and accept belief that I am fortunate and blessed fellow, and that is what I am ….

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  1. There is this inner peace I felt within me after reading this story, it seems like I just found the answer to most of my questions. Thank you to Daphne for making me realize again the need for happiness.

  2. This story is a must-read for everyone especially those who see themselves as failures. From the story, I ask myself self " what do I believe"? And that has made me believe in the fact that I will always succeed and I see it happen. I keep referring to this story to people because I believe it is motivational.

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