Selena Galliger, 39 New York

I was the girl who fell in love with a family man. He was a man who loved my family like his and enchanted me with his peaceful and calm nature. He was a man that was not attracted by pubs or parties; instead, he preferred intimate conversations with me, like a candlelight dinner. He was my prince charming, and so over the years, we made our family bigger.

One day when I went for coffee with an old friend, she suddenly started spewing about her husband. She described him as an indifferent stuck-up who constantly wants to stay at home and just do things together.

He had no friends, and nothing bounces him and that she was tired of his behavior. She asked how she can live with one?

When she asked this, I couldn't place a single thought that would cause me to understand her. Isn’t it the reason that causes her to fell in love with him? She used to say that he was her entire world and that the most wonderful aspect of him was that he focused on her.

I just couldn't help myself from comparing his husband to mine.

This made me realize that so many times, the reason we fall in love with a person becomes the reason that makes us leave that person too. How we easily transform a positive attribute into a negative one.

I reminded my friend of this fact, and I reminded myself too. I suggested to her that she should try to convert the negative emotions to positive ones so that she can again learn to love what she has.

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