Kate Manzett, Australia

At my young age, I was educated on value that”good name” is above all. I set this as a principle and acted on it. I was dedicated, hardworking, and loyal.  It helped me to work hard, and paved a beautiful path for my career. It guided my actions and a lot of things I chose to do. My target was to live a principle life anchored on good name, and that was what I was doing. That was what I was known for. I prayed and wished that I would continue in such life track.
However, at some point in life, distraction set in. Human excesses interfered. I moved for a job I really thought would make me happy and make my life principle achievable. I thought the job will help me to build my values but it happened that the boss was so tough, callous and, as well, furious. She always abuse workers and makes them angry, and, worsts of all treat them like a nonentity.

One day, she called me to give her a detailed report on a matter that was getting complicated in our company. As I tried to explain to her, she pounced on me. “Stop telling me that nonsense!”, she barked, “You are lying to me, I need a clear answer”,  

she continued.

Such embarrassment shocked me in a way that I couldn’t hold myself. I was not trained that way. I was not the type that keeps quiet at any nonsense that comes my way. My life is principled and I wouldn’t want anybody to tamper with it. I felt she was exaggerating. She has crossed my borders. Really, my boss crossed the rubicons beyond my tolerance. I had to defend my integrity. I responded to her in a strong and clear way that was unimaginable. She remained calm for a long time. She couldn’t believe there was a staff that can resist and challenge her. Apparently, she was surprise. Nobody use to challenge her in that way.

Our conversation ended abruptly. Within me, I was sure that I am fired. I didn’t need any body to tell me that sacking letter will be the next gift I will receive from her. But I was neither afraid nor bothered. Her behavior was something I was prepared to accept. She didn’t respect me, and her behavior was a great threat to my values. Her action, to me, was like a work relationship that was unhealthy.

Undoubtedly, I wanted to work with dignity, I wanted to make a living; I was willing to give my best. I also wanted my energy to be positive rather than negative; I wanted my inner joy, derived from good character to be increasing instead of decreasing. I was not prepared and ready for a work that will not give me rest of mind. A work that abuses my hard earned integrity. I was in no way ready to be a victim to anyone.

Contrary to the believe that I will be sacked, she didn’t fire me. She began to treat me with respect. She began to consult me on some issues.  Above all, I was promoted to a more senior position.

In life, we need to show others that we worth a lot for us to be honored and appreciated.

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  1. This is the kind of treatment deserving of all the bosses that are too bossy. They forget that their workers are humans and should be treated like one too. I like the way the story played out, in the end instead of losing her job she got promoted.

  2. I like the way she spoke to her boss. Most times if you don't man up to people and see your limits with them, they will continue to treat you like trash. if it was me I would do the same too, I rather get fired with my head held up than keep the job and live the life of frustration.

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