Eva Kling, 41, California.

I love to work. In fact, I pride more in working and having lesser sleep. As a workaholic, my day begins by 4 AM, I would prepare the home and ready my kids for school. I performed the duties of a mom and my roles at the office. Almost every day, I take home office’s works. It was my usual life cycle.

At a point in my life, I was getting sick every alternating week. The case would go from chronic catarrh to headaches and sometimes severe body aches and all of that. I visited many doctors and they gave me medications that should help. But while I am yet recovering from one sickness, another would hold me down. I had to resign from my job to find my balance.

Resigning felt like hell. I was restless because I didn’t have much to do. So, I was forced to rest and to sleep. I would sleep for most hours of the day sometimes. After 2 weeks, I felt normal and I was eager to start looking for a new job. My husband told me not to. He encouraged me to rest more, for about two months. He knew that was going to be hard for me to do, but he said it anyway.

So, I was at home, resting and feeling very energetic. I was having enough time to cook good and balanced diet meals. I noticed I was smiling more often and I was getting the chance to bond better with our two kids. During this time, I was surfing the net to see why different sicknesses happen to people. I learned why. Not having enough rest did not allow my body to recover from stress and other foreign elements that my body’s immune system would have defended.

For short,

while my body is able to generate tremendous energy for my day-to-day running, I was not giving it enough chance to replenish. I was consuming the energy but not refueling it because of inadequate sleep.  

So, my body was tired of the process and broke down. While I was resting, the energy was being restored. I learned a lesson: If I didn’t choose a restful time of sleep for myself, then my body will choose it for me at an expensive cost. The world is not too serious for me to avoid resting.

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  1. The world is not too serious for me to avoid resting. I make it a priority to sleep for 8 hours every day. It helps me to feel happy and re-energized all the time. I couple it with the consumption of an adequate meal. Now my skin is a bomb and my life is fulfilled.

  2. Thank you very much for this article, I tell most people that when they die out of stress the company can never close because of them. They will still move on and your death will be forgotten just a few weeks after the funeral. So my advice is to relax and take it easy with life. No one gets extra life we all have one and there is a need to take care of that one we have.

  3. I should be mentioned on this list because most times I overwork myself. I dedicate so much time to my work because I want to win the employee of the year award in the firm where I work. Most times I work so hard that I skip the days' meal. It is not cool. I have to prepare a schedule, parts of it will be dedicated to me. I need to be having some me time and not work as if everything depends on it. I think I even need to go for a vacation.

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