Celine Broe, 27 Chicago

I am not a fat person, and I never want to be. I am pretty average, and I wished I could remain so and nourished. Topics on food had always been interesting me. From the direction of maintaining weight, I would always look for the calorific value of anything before taking it, and not its nutritional value. All I care was to know the number of calories contained in all I take. I hardly check their nourishing values. I never even thought about food as something nourishing. In fact, I know nothing about balanced diet.  It was so funny but that was the truth anyway… I just wanted to maintain weight. That is all.

Recently, with the help of the multitudes uploaded films on proper nutrition, I began to realize that everything I had eaten to this day, actually, has no balanced diet.  They are synthetic industrial food that is full of flavor but energy free. No wonder I suffered from unhealthy skin full of hatching (although I have been adolescent). No wonder I would always be weak and tired. No wonder I couldn’t see my body nourishing.

I realize that our body, in order to exist and function well, needs six classes of food Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, mineral and water. It is these constituents, if taken in right proportion that make a balance diet. They are the one that build energy upon which our body works. Just as electric lamp needs electricity to turn on, so our body need these components of food, mixed in equal proportion, to be nourished and to function well.

Strictly following the films, I was convinced that these components are the basic things our body actually need. They are the fuel that makes the proper functioning of systems possible. They are what our brain needs to think and understand better. They are what we should be taken in right proportion to be more effective and successful at work; to be more energetic and even enjoy everything around us.

  We are definitely stronger and healthier than when we take synthetic industrial foods.

For our skin to be always fresh and glow, we definitely need these components of food in right proportion. They are found abundantly in plants and in animals. They are free gift of nature. That is the good news! They are always around us and they are easy to get and digest. They digest quickly and provide us with natural energy that fills life with beauty.

As soon as I realized that, I did not only change my diet but also change my reference to food. I realized that it is my responsibility to feed my body with something that will make it healthy and nourished.

Just as I care about light and water for plants I grow at home, so I began to care about my body.

Surprisingly, I even dropped a few kilos; probably they are those kilograms my body kept because it didn’t trust me to listen and feed it proper. Maybe it was constantly afraid for being deficient. 

Today, the body seems to have trust me; it only leaves what it needs. Today I have mastered the nutritional value of anything I eat. I am now in peace with my dear self.  I am now calm taking good care of my body. I feed it with what it requires, and it feed me back with what I need.

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  1. Now I have seen where to refer my plus size friends too. Thank you for the tips.

  2. I will try out the tips from this story and watch it work for me. I want to lose some kilos too because I am gradually getting out of shape and I need to start as soon as possible.

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